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Connecting Fibers

So you cut a fiber too short.  Or you may be adding a Lamplighter™ 2 and needing to extend the reach of some of the fibers you have already installed.  All is not lost!  You need to couple a new fiber with the old using a suitable connector.  

Dwarvin recommends using Aluminum tubing of the appropriate diameter.  E.g. when coupling 1.5mm fibers, use 3/32” aluminum tubing.  The fibers can be secured further by wrapping tape around the connector.  The length of the connector should be at least ~ 10X the diameter of the fiber.  So for a 1.5mm connector, the length should be 15mm, or 1.5cm, or 0.6”.  Will there be any loss”  Yes, there will be a small loss, but only of the order of 5% which is unnoticeable to the eye. 

The picture above shows an aluminum connector holding two fibers together.

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