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I was blown away when I saw this product in person!  The possible uses for this lighting system are endless and I cannot wait to set it up with my daughter!

Pam Bogaczyk

Dwarvin has developed a simple, time and cost effective fiber optic system that takes most of the difficult tasks out of lighting your layout and saves many hours of installation.

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Jim Long -Pa

My name is Gary Toothe and I attended my 5th Model Railroad University in Springfield this January. I had a chance to experience the Fiber Optic lighting system made by Dwarvin Enterprises on an N-track module I assembled. The effect was magnificent!

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Gary Toothe

This product is like heaven on earth!  It's all about time, convenience and ease of use.  This is a great quality product.

Deacon Norris, Waynesboro PA O-Scale modeler

“I was impressed with the product.  No wiring.  No soldering of tiny LED’s and adding resistors.  It was simple and easy to install in minutes.  The street lamps have a very good appearance.”

Mark Juett, NMRA