Light your hobby in minutes!

1. Mount Lamplighter™ Box

2. Drill holes

3. Insert fibers

No more tangled wires, soldering LED's or resistors.

Watch how it works

Lighting with wiring is straightforward for anyone who can handle a drill

Don't Let This Happen to You!

Lamplighter Starter Kit

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“I was impressed with the product.  No wiring.  No soldering of tiny LED’s and adding resistors.  It was simple and easy to install in minutes.  The street lamps have a very good appearance.”

Mark Juett, NMRA

Dwarvin has developed a simple, time and cost effective fiber optic system that takes most of the difficult tasks out of lighting your layout and saves many hours of installation.

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Jim Long

My name is Gary Toothe and I attended my 5th Model Railroad University in Springfield this January. I had a chance to experience the Fiber Optic lighting system made by Dwarvin Enterprises on an N-track module I assembled. The effect was magnificent!

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Gary Toothe

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