Q. How many of the DVFC1.5 - 1.5mm diameter Fibers can be used with one Lamplighter™ 1 or 2 boxes?
A. About 13 of the 1.5mm diameter fibers can be used with one Lamplighter™ 1 box, and close to 30 in the Lamplighter 2 box.

Q. How many of the DVFC1.0 - 1.0mm diameter Fibers can be used with one Lamplighter™ 1 and 2 boxes?
A. About 28 of the 1.0mm diameter fibers can be used with one Lamplighter™ 1 box, and 60 in the Lamplighter 2 box.

Q.  How many Dwarvin Street Lights can be used with one Lamplighter 1 box?  A. This depends on the diameter of the Fiber that is used with the Dwarvin Street Lights.  Almost all of the N and HO scale lamps use 1mm diameter fiber.  All the O scale lamps use 1.5mm fiber.  Refer to the answer above as to how many of these fibers can be used with one Lamplighter 1 or 2 box, if no other fibers are being used with that same box. 

Q. How many feet of Fiber should I use?
A. Usually calculate a 3foot / 1 meter run between the location of the Lamplighter 1 or 2 box and the structure to be lit.  Clearly what you need will depend on your layout and its compactness.

 Q. What is the maximum length of Fiber can I use?
A. You can run many feet of fiber.  Typically we sell the fibers in bundles of 30feet.  You can visually check the amount of light from an intact role of fiber and see that there is very little loss of light over that distance.  

Q.  Can the light intensity of an individual FOC be varied?
A. Yes, by moving the FOC to different depths within the Lamplighter 1 box the light intensity will be varied.

Q.  Changing the color of a Fiber
A. The most cost effective solution is to translucent paint (say from Tamiya) onto the end of the FOC inside a building.  Alternatively, colored markers a transparent cellophane can be used at the end of a fiber.  

Q.  Will the fibers fall out of the Lamplighter box? 
A. The Lampllghter has a grommet at the place where you insert the fibers.  This will grab the fibers and hold them in there tightly.  

Q.  It is difficult to at first put in more than 5 Fibers into one Lamplighter 1 box, what is the solution to making it easier to add more?
A. Remove the Fibers that have been inserted into the Lamplighter box and use the blunt end of a standard pencil to open up the fronds of the ferrel at the entrance to the box.  Insert the pencil about 1” only, so as to not damage the internal optics.  This should allow many more Fibers to be inserted. 

Q.  Can the Lamplighter be used outside of the USA / Canada?
A. Yes, as the power supply is compatible with both 110 and 240V.  However, an adapter will be needed if using the supply supplied with the Lamplighter 1 box.

Q.  Can I use my own power supply?
A. The power supply provided with the product has been tested to meet the demands of the Lamplighter Box and so it is recommended to use that supply. 

Q.  Can I connect fibers together?
A. Yes, there are a number of ways to do this, including our Fiber Connecting Kits   Please see the video as to how to use these, as well as the article "Fiber Connectors for Hobbyists Made Simple"